Where to Find Comfort Motion Global’s Technology

CMG’s proprietary Healthy Seating Technology™ is an industry first, so it might not be clear to everyone why our solution is scientifically and intuitively “good for you.” It goes beyond its low integration barrier of entry. Through its small, subtle motions, the technology is a powerful, proactive solution to back fatigue, discomfort, and other negative impacts of prolonged sitting.

Below is a list of vehicles that utilize our technology.


Mercedes-Benz B-Class with Seat Kinetics, featuring CMG’s Healthy Seating Technology™


Mercedes-Benz introduced Comfort Motion’s technology in their seat comfort package as Energizing Seat Kinetics. Seat Kinetics can be found in the below vehicles in any seat equipped with memory. This includes some passenger seats.

Model First Model Year
A-Class 2019
B-Class 2019
C-Class 2022
E-Class 2022
S-Class 2021
CLA 2019
GLA 2020
GLB 2019
GLE 2019
GLS 2019
More to Come
Additional manufacturers and models will be announced soon.