“The best seat position is the next one” – this is what many doctors say about sitting in the car. Because sitting in almost the same position for several hundred kilometres and many hours is not good for your back or discs. In the GLE, Mercedes-Benz is now introducing an innovation that supports varied seating positions in the form of ENERGIZING seat kinetics… based on an invention by Comfort Motion Global (CMG) – New Mercedes-Benz GLE: ENERGIZING COMFORT: Active comfort, now with instructions

Designed to improve your health. These seats take in-car messages to an entirely new level.

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Some people call sitting the new smoking. How can you counteract that? It’s something we call motion seating.

Holistic concept for greater well-being and fitness. Comfort is becoming even more intelligent. – Mercedes-Benz at CES 2017

Cushion and backrest of motion seats move slightly every now and then… Stress relief and uplifted mood were the result for passengers. 

The new ENERGIZING seat kinetics is particularly good for the back. It can support orthopaedically beneficial changes of posture by regularly making minute adjustments to the angle of the seat cushion and backrest. The innovation is available for the front seats in combination with all-electric seat adjustment with memory function. –Mercedes-Benz B-Class: More Sports for the Tourer

Slightly changing position during the trip improves back health – New Mercedes-Benz B-Class: ENERGIZING seat kinetics: Active sitting whilst driving

My personal favorite is the seat kinetics program, which, if you don’t have the massaging seats activated, can make minor adjustments to my driving position so I don’t get stiff and tense. Combine that with heated and cooled chairs, as well as a heated center console and heated door panel, and heated and cooled cupholders, and I’m in the lap of warmth and luxury. – 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE450 review