Car Chronicles – Healthy Seats – WWJ Newsradio 950
Massaging seats are meant to help you when you’re fatigued. Dick Ferguson of Comfort Motion Global says their seats are meant to keep you from becoming fatigued. – Listen to Audio
Indianapolis Chiropractor Offers Solution To Long-Haul Driving PainForbes
Car seats can give you a massage, heat or cool your posterior, so why do so many drivers seem to feel discomfort on long drives or even routine commutes? Paul Phipps, an Indianapolis chiropractor, thinks he has an app for that. Read more
CMG launches intelligent seating system to combat driver back painAutomotive Interiors World
Motion Seating is a proactive technology, designed to preempt tissue fatigue and reduce related discomfort. The system, controllable by the user via the vehicle’s touchscreen… – Read more
IFA Keynote Speaker Dieter Zetsche Discusses CMG's Comfort Motion Seating Technology

Former Daimler CEO Dr. Dieter Zetsche – Keynote at IFA Trade ShowGomex Newsroom
“And here comes the next big leap forward. We call it ‘Motion Seating.’ Motion Seating makes sure you don’t stay in one, unhealthy position for too long.” – Watch the keynote presentation

Mercedes-Benz, Comfort Motion Global Launch New Motion Seating Technology dbusiness
Mercedes-Benz is launching a new automotive seat with Indiana-based Comfort Motion Global, which offers motion seating software. Unlike traditional massage seating, this technology works to prevent … – Read more 
Mercedes-Benz implements new seat comfort technologyBusiness Jet Interiors Intl.
Comfort Motion Global says their Motion Seating technology is based on years of biomechanical testing and medical research.  – Read more
Mercedes Offers Fatigue-Fighting Seating Wards Auto
Motion Seating is a proactive technology designed to preempt tissue fatigue and reduce related discomfort, Comfort Motion Global says in a news release.  – Read more
ENERGIZING COMFORT: Active comfort, now with instructions Daimler
Also new are the ENERGIZING seat kinetics. The system supports advantageous changes in the seating posture by means of minute movements of the seat cushion and backrest when on a journey. – Read more
Mercedes Demonstrates Seats That Will Keep You Fit Carscoops
These seats take in-car massages to an entirely new level and are able to periodically move the vehicle’s seats in response to what sensors monitor… – Read more
Mercedes-Benz developing seats that will squirm beneath your bum CarAdvice
“In the evolution of man, we worked for two million years on becoming upright, only to put ourselves in a chair. Some people call sitting the new smoking. And some people – if you drive a lot – you sit a lot.” – Read more
Comfort is becoming even more intelligent Daimler
Mercedes-Benz is engaged in a pioneering “Fit & Healthy” project designed to enhance the well-being of passengers. Hence, with the car of the future [they are] supporting an active and healthy lifestyle with intelligent solutions. – Read more
Mercedes-Benz wants you fit and healthy – Motoring
“We looked at the fact that the average German now sits for more than seven and a half hours every day. This has severe effects on our health – some doctors already say “sitting is the new smoking.” – Read more
Mercedes-Benz B-Class: More Sports for the Tourer Daimler
The new ENERGIZING seat kinetics is particularly good for the back. It can support orthopedically beneficial changes of posture by regularly making minute adjustments to the angle of the seat cushion and backrest. – Read more
New Mercedes-Benz B-Class: ENERGIZING seat kinetics Daimler
“The best seat position is the next one” – this is what many doctors say about sitting in the car, because sitting in almost the same position for several hundred kilometers and many hours is not good for the back or discs. – Read more
2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE450 review – More luxurious and techy than ever Road Show
My personal favorite luxury feature is the seat kinetics program, which can make minor adjustments… – Read more