Christopher Meyer
Chief Product Engineer

B.S. Computer Engineering, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technoogy
M.S Engineering Management, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

“My favorite part of Comfort Motion’s technology is that through our algorithm and existing seat electronics, we can positively affect the occupant’s day and long-term wellbeing.”


Christopher developed the first motion seating prototype as an intern at Rose-Hulman Ventures while working on his master’s degree. Upon completion of the coursework, he joined Comfort Motion full-time as the product engineer.

He leads CMG’s engineering team in the development of our technology. Christopher and his team develop the software and hardware used in demonstrating our motion seating algorithm. In addition to creating software for embedded systems they have also created iPad software to showcase the true, configurability of the algorithm.

With Christopher’s leadership, the engineering team extends the functionality of various seating platform and solves a variety of integration challenges. Challenges are a constant of this job, and one of his favorite aspects of the work.

Christopher’s favorite aspect of the Comfort Motion technology is how we can positively affect the occupant’s day and long-term wellbeing. In our specific way, we are making people’s lives better.