It’s time to demystify the technology behind CMG’s motion seat.

 Mercedes-Benz B-Class, featuring CMG’s Healthy Seating Technology

CMG’s proprietary Healthy Seating Technology is an industry first, so it might not be clear to everyone why our solution is scientifically and intuitively “good for you.” It goes beyond its low integration barrier of entry. Through its small, subtle motions, the technology is a powerful, proactive solution to back fatigue, discomfort, and other negative impacts of prolonged sitting.

Let’s talk a little bit more about the seat motions. We work with our industry customers to help them develop an algorithm to best meet their customer’s needs.  The areas that we focus on are seat motions (seat back, cushion tilt, lumbar support, bolster, massage, etc.) and other features of the seat (heating, cooling). Our customers may make various timing and motion speed choices to create an algorithm that is more comforting or invigorating. It is also smart, not only does the program start over automatically upon completion, it also pauses while the driver is braking.

Algorithm Possibilities


Customizable Timing

Lumbar Support Movements

Seat Cushion and Seat Back Movements

Bolster Movements

The benefits of Healthy Seating Technology are unique, significant and scientifically proven.

For more than a decade, we have been partnering with research universities to ensure that the CMG’s proprietary technology works. To date, we have worked with Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Logan University, and Ball State University.

Based on the tests that have been conducted, CMG’s Healthy Seating Technology:

  • Reduces occupant discomfort
  • Increases driver alertness
  • Pre-empts and reduces tissue fatigue
  • Reduces mental fatigue
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Improves circulation to the lower extremities

To learn about the specific results, please contact us today to set up a phone call or presentation.

University Tested, Scientifically Proven

Minimal effect on life of seat

Improved Alertness and Responsiveness

Reduced lower back muscle fatigue

Lew D Derrickson

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Paul Phipps

Chief Medical Officer/Director of Research and Development

Christopher Meyer

Chief Product Engineer

Richard W. Ferguson

Chief Marketing Officer

Thomas K. Shine

Chief Commercialization Officer