Intuitively “Good for You”

Comfort Motion Global is committed to improving the quality of people’s lives through innovative technologies.

Comfort Motion Global’s (CMG) motion seating technology is the most significant advance in automotive, commercial trucking, and aerospace seating in years. With a focus on health, wellness, and safety CMG’s motion seating technology is an industry first, delivering scientifically proven benefits that make the time you spend in your car less harmful and more enjoyable.

Leveraging equipment already present in automotive memory seats, the technology automates small, subtle, and smooth sequential movements in the seat cushion and seat back. Throughout your journey the technology gently redistributes your body weight in the seat. With each small motion (1° or less) it transfers the work load in the spine and supporting muscles to new areas so that no one area does all of the work. This allows the natural tissue recovery cycles to occur improving circulation and decreasing tissue fatigue and discomfort.

Over time the cumulative effect on your health and wellness is powerful.

Client Breakdown

Mercedes-Benz is the first automotive OEM to bring Comfort Motion’s technology to the market. Through extensive, on-road testing, Mercedes-Benz confirmed the technology’s benefits and acceptance. The technology can be found standard in the new memory-seat equipped Mercedes-Benz GLE, GLS, A-, and B-Class vehicles with more models to be announced soon. Additional automotive and transportation partners will be introducing vehicles with our technology in the near future.



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