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May 16, 2009 CMT Named 2009 TechPoint Mira Award Finalist in “Innovation of the Year” Category for Second Straight Year

Award ceremonies were held at the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis Indiana on Saturday, May 16. Dr. Paul Phipps, President of CMT, stated, “We are tremendously honored to be a finalist for the 2009 Mira Award for Innovation. Our team has worked extremely hard on taking CMT technology to the next level this year, and we are not done yet.” Al Rowley, Senior Vice President of Marketing stated, “CMT is starting to look at expanding applications outside of the automotive industry, for instance, over the road truck seating, first class seats for the airline industry, and the electric wheelchair market. Applications for CMT technology are almost unlimited. Who knows you may see CMT technology in a Lazy Boy recliner someday.”

The Mira Awards identify the most innovative and successful firms in information technology, as well as technology-focused companies in industries like advanced manufacturing, logistics, and the life sciences. Says TechPoint President and CEO Jim Jay, “If a company wins a TechPoint Mira Award, you can expect to see them grow and prosper in the years to follow. We’re proud to help up-and-coming tech companies get the attention they deserve, as well as celebrating our established technology powerhouses that continue to innovate and grow.”

TechPoint is eager to spread the word about the exceptional accomplishments of Indiana's tech sector.

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