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January 9, 2009 CMT Attends Personal Mobility Seminar: The Changing Face of the Transportation Industry

TASI Research Seminar – Dr. Giorgio Rizzoni, Professor of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Director of Center for Automotive Research, The Ohio State University, was the guest lecturer at the January 9th, 2009 TASI (Transportation Active Safety Institute) seminar. Dr. Paul Phipps, President of CMT, and Tom Epply, Senior VP Engineering CMT, attended the recent TASI seminar in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Prof. Rizzoni stated, "Climate change is a reality. Simultaneously, resources we are accustomed to having readily available to meet our energy needs are diminishing, becoming more costly, and contributing to climate change and/or other adverse environmental consequences. As discussed in this presentation, the relationship between energy supplies and transportation demands clearly shows that a major mismatch between needs and resources is imminent. Predictions of the world's petroleum supplies and the primary dependence of transportation systems on petroleum show that there will be a substantial reduction of these supplies in the future unless major changes in transportation and energy market and policy take place.

There is perhaps no better symbol of the twentieth century than the automobile..."
View a PDF of Dr. Rizzoni's Seminar Abstract from TASI

Tom Epply also reports that many new opportunities exist for new hybrid/electric vehicles in an area referred to as BRICK. BRICK refers to the following countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Korea. These countries offer vast potential for expansion of these technologies and will certainly have a sufficient impact in our overall energy consumption.