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December 5, 2008 CMT Invited Into Membership of the Transportation Activity Safety Institute

Over the past four decades, the number of injuries and fatalities per traveled mile has decreased significantly. However, over the past two decades these numbers have leveled off, indicating that new approaches will be needed in order to achieve additional reductions. Thus automotive suppliers have begun developing active safety products, whose goal is to prevent or mitigate crashes, as opposed to passive safety products like seat belts and airbags that provide protection only in a crash. TASI has been formed to assist the automotive industry in these areas.

TASI’s purpose is to accelerate the development and introduction of active safety products into the market to help enhance vehicle safety and reduce automotive related fatalities, injuries and property damage. The 2005 economic cost of motor vehicle traffic crashes in the US was $280 billion dollars. The projected Active Safety Market revenue for 2010 is estimated at $2 billion dollars.

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