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May 23, 2008 CMT is New Member of The Purdue College of Technologies at Anderson and Muncie, Industrial Board

Dr. Paul Phipps stated CMT believes very strongly in supporting higher education. CMT worked very closely with Purdue in the past and are proud to be a new member of its Industrial Advisory Board.

Industrial Advisory Boards

In order to make sure our academic efforts are being maximized in the Anderson/Muncie area, we have selected local industry leaders to represent this community on our Advisory Committee. It is the function of this committee to make sure we are delivering educational packages that will benefit all the people in the Anderson and Muncie area. We also strive to communicate any information about Purdue that might be of interest to the community.

Anderson and Muncie

The College of Technology at Anderson and Muncie is a part of the world-class College of Technology at West Lafayette. We have a variety of degree and class offerings that will allow you to extend your higher education right here in the Anderson/Muncie area. We represent a direct academic and administrative extension of the West Lafayette campus. Five degree programs are presently available with more being developed. Even if a particular degree program is not available, you may be able to acquire one or more years toward any technology program offered by Purdue.

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