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May 16, 2008 CMT Honored as One of the Five Finalists for Innovation of the Year Award

On the evening of Friday, May 16, 2008, Comfort Motion Technologies was honored as one of the five finalists for Innovation of the Year Award. TechPoint hosted the 9th annual Mira Awards Gala at the Indiana Ball Room.

The TechPoint Mira Awards recognize exceptional contributions to Indiana's technology-based economy. Each nominee, finalist, and winner has accelerated the state's economy, focused global attention on Indiana and, most importantly, improved the quality of life for Hoosiers. The TechPoint Mira Awards highlight the accomplishments of Indiana's most innovative and successful technology-driven organizations. The Mira Awards is the largest technology awards ceremony in the state, growing in scope and attendance each year since its inception.

“Comfort Motion Technologies is pleased to have been chosen as one of the five finalists for the Innovation Award of the Year Award. We look forward to building on this exceptional experience as we go toward commercializing our software technology.”

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  Al Rowley Holding the Mira Award